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Pennsylvania Western University combined the resources and traditions of three top universities into one, which means:
<ul><li>More expert faculty.</li><li>Greater opportunity for mentorship, collaboration and growth.</li><li>A chance to meet lifelong friends at California, Clarion and Edinboro.</li><li>College experiences you can’t get anywhere else.</li></ul>
We&#39;re here for the hard workers, the life changers, the ones who want something more from life.<br><br>Welcome to PennWest – where your goals become reality.<br> 
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Quality education. Affordable prices. PennWest understands the financial burden of pursuing a college degree. Through the integration of California, Clarion and Edinboro universities, we’ve been able to reduce administrative costs and other expenses and invest the savings in student success. <br><br>No matter which campus you choose, you can rest assured you will receive a high-quality education at one of the most affordable options in the United States. Our Financial Aid Office provides you with access to both state and federal financial aid programs, as well as scholarship opportunities. We also make a conscious effort to reach out to students with exceptional economic and education needs. <br> 

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A first-year student is anyone applying for admissions who has never attended another college or university beyond high school graduation. If you completed college courses while in high school, you are still considered a first-year student. <br><br>PennWest is test optional. <br><br> 
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A transfer student is anyone applying for admission who has attended another college or university and has credits post-high school, at the time of application. If you are completing college courses while in high school you are considered a first-year student and not a transfer student.
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Pennsylvania Western University recognizes the importance of connecting people now more than ever. Whether you are just beginning your college search or committed to becoming a member of the PennWest community, we encourage you to schedule a visit to one, or all of our campuses! Our weekly campus visits consist of a walking tour of our academic and residential facilities along with an information session led by a member of our admissions team. We also host visitation days and virtual information sessions based on your needs. To learn more, please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>  and select your desired campus to register:<br><br> 
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PennWest Way
We offer Education Your Way
We are Student Ready
We are Western PA
We advocate for all members of our community
We empower and invest in our people and culture
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