The Common Application is working to ensure that every student can access higher education.<br><br>Here you will find the most up to date ADA-Compliant, PDF version of the first year application:<br><br><u><strong>First Year Applicant Forms</strong></u><br><a href="…; target="_blank">First-year Application</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Fee Waiver</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Early Decision Agreement</a> (PDF)<br><br>Recommender forms for first year students are also available in PDF format:<br><br><u><strong>First Year Recommender Forms</strong></u><br><a href="…; target="_blank">School Report</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Homeschool Supplement to the School Report</a><a href="…; target="_blank"> </a>(PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">International Supplement to the School Report</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Counselor Recommendation</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Optional Report</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Mid Year Report</a> (PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Final Report</a><a href="…; target="_blank"> </a>(PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Teacher Evaluation</a><a href="…; target="_blank"> </a>(PDF)<br><a href="…; target="_blank">Other Recommendation</a> (PDF)<br> 
<p>The Common Application is dedicated to assisting any applicant who is unable to fully read or use the system. Please email us at with your name and phone number. A member from our Solutions Center team will call you to discuss options on how to best proceed and will help you in this process.</p>
<a href="…; target="_blank">Learn more about the Common App’s approach to accessibility</a>

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