An advisor is a type of recommender for your Common App. If you receive support from advising and community-based organizations, you will be able to work with those counselors just as you work with your school-based counselors and teachers within the application.<br><br>Advisors will then be able to manage their caseloads and view student progress within the Common App recommendation system. You can invite up to 3 individuals to be an advisor and they do not need to be from your school or have a special address. You should consider inviting those who are helping you manage and complete your college application process. In addition, if you wish to do so, you will be able to share a view of your in-progress application with your school counselor, advisor, or mentor.<br><br>The advisor cannot make any changes to your application, they can only view the answers you&#39;ve provided. If you choose to invite an advisor, that action will remain private. The advisor invitation and profile information will not be visible to any of your colleges or any other invited recommender.

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