Please check with the student. Any of the following situations below could be possible:<br><br>• The student used a different email address than what is listed in your current account. Many recommenders have different email addresses that go to the same email inbox. Your email address is your username so if a student used a different email when inviting you, a new account is created.<br><br><u>Note</u>: If you find that you have multiple accounts, please have the student remove your name from the &quot;Invite and Manage Recommenders&quot; section of their account and invite you again with the correct email address.<br><br>• The student has invited you, but not assigned you to a school in their application. Once they assign you to at least one school, the student will appear in your Students list. The student can use the following path within the online recommendation to assign you to a school:<br><br>1. Go to <b>My Colleges</b> tab<br>2. Click on the institution<br>3. Go to the <b>Recommenders and FERPA</b> section<br>4. Click the &quot;Assign&quot; button or &quot;Add Another&quot; link<br>5. Select the name of the recommender<br><br><u>Note</u>: If you are an Other Recommender please keep in mind that some schools do not accept that type of recommendation. It is possible that your student may not be able to attach your name to any schools in the application. The student can still invite you (and you will get an invite email and account) but the student will not show in your list until your name is attached to at least one school.<br><br>• The student has removed you from the list of recommenders AFTER sending.<br><br> 

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