The Common App Solutions Center is not permitted to make updates to any submitted forms.<br><br>The Common Application organization evaluated the issue of counselors and teachers who want to retrieve or edit previously submitted online forms because they addressed their recommendations to specific institutions without realizing it (despite the instructions), or wanting to change answers on the already submitted form. They also evaluated the issue of counselors submitting updated or incorrect documents. Unfortunately, in these cases, the Common Application organization must reiterate the policy that documents cannot be retrieved or edited once submitted. Schools are aware that mistakes happen and students are not penalized.<br><br><u>Recommenders</u>: You can contact the student to have them remove your assignment to any school besides the school named in your letter. You may also contact the school to find out if they will accept another letter sent directly to them. There is no way to retract it once it is submitted.<br><br><u>Counselors</u>: The Optional Report may be used at any point in the academic year to submit updated grades and/or transcripts, as well as to correct errors previously submitted on any recommendation form.<br><br>Keep in mind that the Optional Report form can only be submitted <b>once </b>during the application season.

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