Please know that if you are having trouble with any of the following issues, the Solutions Center may be able to help before you lose all of your hard work on your account.<br> <br>1. Accessing an account for which you no longer have the login information, such as a password or email address<br><br>2. Switching a Practice account to a Live acccount<br><br>3. Creating the wrong account type<br><br>4. Submitted incorrect information to a college <br><br>Send us a message and we&#39;ll do our best to make sure you don&#39;t lose all of your previously-entered information.<br> <br>If you still would like us to remove your personal information, we&#39;re happy to help. Please see <a href="; target="_blank">our Privacy Policy</a> for instructions on how to request that we remove your personal information.

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