The Common Application employs industry-proven standards and technologies to protect the security of your information. Every page rendered through this online application, including the application fee payment page (if applicable), and all information you send, is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology.<br><br>Your contribution is also important to protect the security of your access to our system. The following are best practices you should follow:<br><br>• Protect your user name and password by keeping it unique and known only to you<br><br>• Choose a password that would be difficult to guess<br><br>• Avoid writing your password in a place where others can view it<br><br>• Use the logout button to log out of your application upon completion of each instance of using it. Upon log out, you will receive a message confirming your successful log out. Failure to log out could endanger the security of your account by potentially allowing others using the same computer to access information saved or cached in the memory of the browser.<br><br>• Do not include any online application information, including links, in public forums

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