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Common App Direct Admissions
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At Common App, we are always exploring innovative ways to remove barriers in college admissions for all students. As part of this commitment, we launched the Common App Direct Admissions program in 2019. This pilot program offers non-binding guaranteed admission to qualified students.
How the program works

Participating colleges set a minimum GPA for students in their home state. Common App then finds students who meet these GPA and residency requirements using their Common App responses.

Qualified students then receive a direct admissions offer email from Common App. The email contains information to help students figure out if that college is right for them. It also has detailed information on how to accept the offer including a direct admissions code and FAQs.

If a student chooses to apply with this non-binding admissions offer, they’re guaranteed to get in. They also get to bypass some potential barriers of the application process like paying an application fee or writing more essays.

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For more help, check out our Direct Admission FAQs
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