<p><b>Register and Connect Pathway and Common App accounts</b><br><br>1. Register your MEFA Pathway and Common App accounts using the SAME date of birth<br>and email address.<br>2. In the Common App, list your high school on the Education screen under the Common<br>App tab.<br>3. In the Common App, add at least 1 college to your My Colleges list.<br>4. In the Common App, under my colleges, click on one college and find Recommenders<br>and FERPA to complete the FERPA release authorization.<br>5. In MEFA Pathway, go to your Application Manager and click the Connect Accounts<br>button (this will appear only if your high school has signed up to use MEFA Pathway for<br>the Common App Recommendation Process).<br>6. The Common App Connect page will prompt you to agree to share your data with MEFA.<br>You can do so by clicking the I Agree box and then the Connect button. If you agree to<br>share your data, you will be redirected back to MEFA Pathway and Colleges on your My<br>Colleges list in Common App will be synced to your MEFA Pathway Application Manager.<br><br><b>Accounts Not Connecting?</b><br>1. Do dates of birth match?<br>2. Do email addresses match?<br>3. Was the correct high school selected in the Common App?<br>4. Was there at least 1 college added in the Common App?</p>

<p><br><b>Additional Information on managing your applications</b></p>

<ul><li>In the MEFA Pathway Application Manager, use the Add Application button to add any Institutional (Non-Common App) Colleges.</li><li>In MEFA Pathway Application Summary, Common App colleges include the Common App logo and Institutional (Non-Common App) colleges do not.</li><li>Use the direct link to the Common App from MEFA Pathway to complete and submit</li><li>applications.</li><li>If you remove a college from your Common App My College List, you will also need to manually remove it from your MEFA Pathway Application Manager.</li><li>In the MEFA Pathway Application Summary, Common App application statuses will automatically update and Institutional (Non-Common App) application statuses need to be manually updated.</li></ul>

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