If one of your students has invited you in Common App the student will need to remove your name from the Recommenders and FERPA section of the account so that you can successfully submit within our partner interface. <br><br>Below are instructions that you can send to your student to help guide them in this process:<br><br>If your high school uses one of our <a href="; target="_blank">recommender integration partners</a> to submit school forms they will need to do so in the partner interface.  Below are instructions that you can send to your students so they can remove your Common App invitation from his/her account.<br><br>If the recommender is facing an issue in submitting forms in the partner account, it may be because they were invited in a Common App account instead of in the partner interface. <br><br>Please follow the below steps to remove the recommender from the Common App account so the forms can be submitted successfully within the partner account:<br><br>1)  Log into your Common App account and navigate to the Recommenders and FERPA section for any of your schools.<br><br>2)  Click on the manage recommenders button.<br><br>3)  Find the recommender that you need to remove and click on the trash can icon.  If you do not see the Manage Recommenders option this means that a form has already been submitted and you are not able to remove them.  Please reach out to the Common App solutions center at and we can remove them for you.<br><br><img alt="User-added image" height="219" src="…; width="500"></img>

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