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You love food, it’s your passion. Sound like you? Then the Culinary Institute of America is the only place to be. For over 75 years, CIA has poured their energy, passion, and, industry knowledge into providing the best food and hospitality-focused education. Here food is life, and everyone is 100% focused on preparing you for a rewarding life in food. The CIA offers master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree programs that span all areas of the food world. Expect to build a strong foundation and learn by doing through 1,300+ hands-on kitchen hours, world-class paid internships, and in the CIA’s award- winning public restaurants.  At CIA, you’ll explore even traditional courses, like math and history, in the most meaningful way—through the lens of food. No matter where or how high you want to go in your food career, CIA will prepare you for it all.<br>And since our students, faculty and staff all share a passion for food, you’ll fit right in here. San Antonio is all about community, on campus and off. It’s an amazing, friendly city pulsing with Latin American-infused culture and cuisine, and our location in the heart of the Pearl district drops you squarely into the action.
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<p><strong>A CIA DEGREE IS WELL WITHIN REACH</strong><br><br>Scholarships and financial aid are important factors when choosing a college. We totally get it—and we’ve got your back. If you’re committed to making the best investment for your future at CIA, we’re committed to helping you get here. More than 90% of CIA students receive scholarships and financial aid packages—unique to their individual needs. Our financial aid experts are committed to partnering with you through every step of the process—so you come away with the best package to fit <em>your</em> needs. So don’t put off applying—a CIA degree is well within reach. <a href="; target="_blank">Learn more</a><br><br><strong>FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT MAJOR</strong><br><br>Get the perfect taste for CIA majors with our <a href="; target="_blank">Major in A Minute</a> video series. Hear why current students chose their major, learn about favorite classes, things that surprised them about their major, and where they see it taking them in the future. In just 60 seconds, you could be on your way to finding your own perfect fit.</p>

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When it comes to learning about food and food business, we can say with complete confidence that CIA is truly the best place to begin your future. It’s our hands-on experiential courses; our expert faculty; our unrivaled global reputation. You’ll get all this and <em>more</em>—only at CIA. Take the first step and <a href="" target="_blank">apply today</a>—it only takes 20 minutes. It’s your time to shine at CIA.<br>First year students should apply online as early as possible to ensure a quick application review. It’s your first big step (but an important one) towards a rewarding career in food. Next complete your application by submitting your official transcripts, essay, and letter of recommendation—we’ll process your submission right away, in fact you could have a decision in as little as 72-hours. That’s it! You’re one step closer to joining CIA. Be sure to <a href="" target="_blank">check out CIA scholarships</a> too—more than 90% of CIA students receive scholarships and financial aid which can make a CIA education even more affordable.<br>*Financial aid is available to those that qualify.
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Don&#39;t wait any longer to follow your dreams. Transfer to CIA and use your previous college experiences to pursue an exciting career in the food and hospitality industry. At CIA, we’ll partner with you to create a customized transfer plan that works for you—with easy transfer opportunities that can help you complete your degree on time and on budget. Our CIA Credit Transfer Policy allows you to apply relevant earned credits, life achievements, and select exam results toward your degree. And unlike other colleges, at CIA, all new students—even transfers—are offered the same level of financial aid. It’s the CIA way! <a href="" target="_blank">Learn more</a> about continuing your college journey at CIA.<br>*Financial aid is available to those that qualify.
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<strong>GET AN UP-CLOSE LOOK AT CIA—Tour Campus or Attend an Event Online</strong><br><br>There’s no better way to see what the CIA has to offer than to visit our Texas campus. Check out an informative tour or join us for an online event showcasing our career-focused degree programs. Learn more about <a href="" target="_blank">upcoming events</a> at our Texas campus.
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“I chose The Culinary because I view my education as an investment. Attending the CIA would allow me to not only network but take a step in becoming the best in my field.”
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Food Business Management Alumni ’18
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