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Big Ten academics. A spirited college campus. And a location that delivers even bigger opportunities. You’ll get more than you ever dreamed of at IUPUI. We’re home to not one, but two of Indiana’s top universities— Indiana University and Purdue University. We’re located in the nation’s 16th largest city. And we’re proud supporters of a spirited campus culture that is uniquely IUPUI. Get the best of all worlds at IUPUI. At IUPUI, you can pursue degree options from Purdue, IU, or both! Two schools offer Purdue programs and the other 15 schools offer Indiana University degrees.
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<p>As the home of two world-class institutions with a mission to provide broad access to higher education, we strive to make IUPUI affordable by keeping tuition low, offering a substantial amount of financial aid, and providing programs to help minimize your debt.<br><br>To ensure you’re maximizing the amount of aid you can receive, apply by these deadlines. <br><br><b>November 15: </b>Priority date for full merit aid consideration<br><b>February 15:</b> Deadline to apply for admission-based scholarships and competitive and diversity scholarships</p>

<p>Nonresident students living in a state that participates in the Midwest Student Exchange Program can save up to $64,000 on tuition across four years. Awarded upon admission and no separate application is needed.</p>

<p><b>Admission-based scholarships </b>are automatically awarded based on your high school GPA and SAT or ACT scores. Awarded initially in mid-December and weekly thereafter. No separate application is needed. Apply by <b>February 15</b>.</p>

<p><b>Honors College scholarships </b>are awarded on a competitive basis to high-achieving incoming freshmen who successfully apply to IUPUI and the Honors College. Apply by <b>November 15</b>.</p>

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We’re glad you’re thinking about applying to IUPUI, and we want to make the admission process as smooth as possible for you. No matter where you are on your educational path, IUPUI is a great place to take the next step. Each year we welcome new freshmen students from across the world who are ready to prepare for a lifetime of success. Use the office website link above to review guidelines and our process!
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If you plan to transfer to IUPUI from a four-year college or university, or a community college, you would apply to us as a transfer student. Whatever your reason for transfer, after earning some credits at another college/university or community college, IUPUI is chosen as the institution to fulfill a transfer student&#39;s education and career goals more than most school in Indiana. We want to help you fulfill your dreams.
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The best way to see for yourself what it’s like to be a Jaguar is to visit IUPUI. Whether you live in Indianapolis or you’re traveling many miles to get here, our Campus Visits staff is ready to help you plan your visit experience. We have a range of options to choose from, including guided tours, group visits, and special events.
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I chose IUPUI because it is full of possibilities. There were two schools to choose from and it is a campus known for diversity and its international population.
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Double major in anthropology and social work
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Large (15,000+)
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STEM programs
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