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<br>You can also adjust your browser settings to view PDF files in the browser&#39;s native viewer. Please see below for how to do so in different browsers.<br><br>For Firefox:<br>1. Go to Preferences<br>2. Click on Applications<br>3. Click on Portable Document Format (PDF)<br>4. Finally, click on Preview in Firefox<br><br>For Chrome:<br>Disabling or enabling Chrome PDF Viewer in Chrome 57+<br>1. Click on Chrome menu, select Settings<br>2. Scroll down and click on Advanced<br>3. Under Privacy &amp; Security, click on Content Settings<br>4. Click on PDF Documents,<br><br>To enable PDF Viewer, you need to turnoff the Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome<br><br>For IE10:<br>1. Click Internet Options<br>2. Click Advanced<br>3. Click Security<br>4. Uncheck Enable Enhanced Protection Mode (you will need to restart your computer to make this take effect)<br><br>For Safari:<br>1. Go to the Safari Menu<br>2. Click on Preferences<br>3. Go to Security<br>4. Make sure Allow Plug Ins is checked<br>5. Click Plug-in Settings<br>6. Make sure Adobe Reader is checked and setting is set to Ask or Allow

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