When high school students simultaneously take college courses through a college or university, this is known as dual enrollment. For <b>Courses &amp; Grades</b>, only courses receiving high school credit (i.e. appearing on your high school transcript) should be reported in this section. If you are not receiving high school credit for the course, you do not need to report this course in <b>Courses &amp; Grades</b>.<br><br>If you are receiving high school credit for a college course, here&#39;s what you need to do:<br><br>• Select the grade level that corresponds to the academic year in which you took the course (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, or Other)<br><br>• For the School Name, select the high school that awarded the credit for the college course<br><br>• For the Course Level, select &#39;Dual Enrollment&#39;<br><br>• Complete the remaining parts of Courses &amp; Grades<br><br>You must still send official transcripts from your high school(s) and any college(s) you attended.

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