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<p>Notre Dame College was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1922. Their charism still serves as the foundation of our College today, as we strive to provide a career-focused, values-based, private Catholic education to a diverse student body.</p>

<p>Studying at Notre Dame means personal, one-on-one attention from professors, dozens of student groups, a tight-knit student body, and a well-rounded curriculum. A liberal arts education from Notre Dame College equips students with personal and professional skills that help them chase their passions and change the world. </p>

<p>Nestled on 48 scenic, wooded acres in a suburb just 25 minutes from Cleveland, Notre Dame College offers a blend of quiet campus life and big city adventure. Home to some of the country’s best restaurants, medical facilities, museums, sports teams, and amusement parks, Cleveland is an affordable city with major appeal.</p>

<p>Ready to explore all Notre Dame College has to offer? Schedule a tour to get a taste for campus life, meet with an admissions counselor, and connect with current students. </p>
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<p>Notre Dame College understands your need for information that will help you to begin the process of financing your education. </p>

<h4>Honors Scholarship – awarded to incoming, full time traditional aged students who have been selected to be a part of the Honors Program at Notre Dame College – $19,000.<br><br>Dean’s Scholarship – awarded to incoming, full time, traditional aged students based on academic data, including cumulative high school GPA and/or ACT &amp; SAT, if applicable – $13,000 - $18,000.<br><br>STEMM Scholarship – funded by the Choose Ohio First Grant.<br><br>Leadership Scholarship – awarded to select, incoming, full time, traditional-aged students who possess special talent or potential for enriching the campus atmosphere and/or possess financial need.<br><br>Family/Alumni Plan Scholarship – special family tuition rates are available to incoming full time students who have a brother/sister/parent attending Notre Dame College as a full time matriculating undergraduate student or whose parent or grandparent is an alumni of the college.<br><br>Athletic Scholarship – awarded to select individuals who possess a special talent in a particular sport based on a budget created by the institution and the NCAA.<br><br>Residency Grant – awarded to new students who qualify for need-based grants and who plan to reside in on-campus housing.<br><br>NDC Grant/Mission Grant/Achievement Grant – Awarded to incoming, full time undergraduate traditional-aged students who qualify for need-based grants. Up to $10,000.</h4>

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<p>Traditional students are those students who have graduated from high school within four years of their first term of enrollment. A student planning to attend Notre Dame College should take the strongest possible college preparatory program available. Notre Dame College requires the following credentials from each traditional student seeking admission:</p>

<ul><li><a href=";screen=Begin%2f%2f69d0cb61-2225-4012-bf66-545b667b5c6b&amp;screenType=next%27" target="_blank">Application</a> for Undergraduate Admission</li><li>Official high school transcript stating date of graduation, and</li><li>Official ACT or SAT I score report (optional – see details below)</li></ul>

<p>A test-optional policy is in place for applicable, first-time students. </p>

<p> </p>
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<h3><b>Admissions Requirements</b></h3>

<p><b>Notre Dame College requires the following credentials from each transfer student seeking admission:</b></p>

<ul><li>Application for Undergraduate Admission</li><li>Official academic transcripts from each college or university previously attended</li><li>Official high school transcript is required (if completed less than 12 college credit hours)</li></ul>

<p><a href="" target="_blank"><b>Financial Aid </b></a><b> </b></p>

<p>Notre Dame College has scholarship opportunities for transfer students. </p>

<h4><b>Transfer of Credit Policy</b></h4>

<p>Notre Dame College will accept college credits that are above 100 or 1000 level and the student received a grade of a “D” or better will transfer. Students may need to provide course descriptions and course syllabus to determine the equivalency to Notre Dame College Courses.</p>
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<h2>Visit/Tour Options</h2>

<ul><li>Sit in on our small classes / arrange to shadow an NDC student</li><li>Meet our faculty, coaches, current students and staff. </li><li>Explore academics, student life and financial aid. </li><li>Tour our residence halls.</li></ul>

<p>The Office of Admissions hosts undergraduate and graduate visit days along with individual appointments throughout the week. <a href=" " target="_blank">Schedule your visit to Notre Dame College now!</a></p>
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Notre Dame College, a Catholic institution in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, educates a diverse population in the liberal arts for personal, professional and global responsibility.
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