If you&#39;re having trouble uploading a file to your recommendation form, there are a few things you can try.<br><br>• Make sure that you don&#39;t have any spaces in the file name<br>• The file should be saved as a .pdf (a lower case extension and not .PDF)<br><br>If you&#39;re still having trouble, you might try to follow these steps:<br><br>1. Open the original file<br>2. Under the file menu, select the &quot;print&quot; option<br>3. In the printer name box, select &quot;Print to PDF&quot; and click &quot;ok&quot;<br>4. Adobe will print the file to your screen and prompt you to save the file<br>5. Save the file with a different file name than your original file<br>6. Upload the new file<br><br> 

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