There are a few different reasons as to why you do not see a student listed in your account.  <br><br>1)  It is possible the student invited you as a different recommender type (counselor, teacher, other recommender).  After you log into your account check to see if you have multiple recommender types for your account.  If you feel the student invited you incorrectly, please have them remove you and re-invite you again with the correct type.<br><br>  <img alt="User-added image" height="281" src="…; width="500"></img><br><br>2)  It is possible the student used a different email address than what is listed in your current account when they invited you. Your email address is your username so if a student used a different email when inviting you, a new account is created.<br><br><u>Note</u>: If you find that you have multiple accounts, please have the student remove your name from the &quot;Invite and Manage Recommenders&quot; section of their account and invite you again with the correct email address.<br><br>3) The student has removed you from the list of recommenders after you received the invitation email.<br><br>If the above reasons do not resolve your issue please send us a message at and we will research further for you.<br><br> 

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