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<p>The University of Maryland is a global leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation, and home to more than 41,000 students, 14,000 faculty and staff, and 377,000 alumni all dedicated to the pursuit of Fearless Ideas. Located just outside Washington, D.C., we discover and share new knowledge every day through our renowned research enterprise and programs in academics, the arts and athletics.<br><br>Our 12 schools and colleges offer more than <a href="" target="_blank">90 undergraduate majors</a>, which allows students to find a remarkable breadth and depth of academic pursuits to explore. Students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with faculty at the top of their fields: Pulitzer Prize recipients, Nobel laureates, and Emmy and Tony winners.<br><br><span>Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland is the state’s flagship university</span><span>. </span>As <span>one of the original land-grant institutions in the United States and </span>the first “Do Good” campus, the university remains committed to social entrepreneurship<span>. </span></p>
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<h3>Consistently ranked as one of the best values in public higher education, you can rest assured that you will receive an affordable world-class education at the University of Maryland.</h3>

<p>College is a major investment for you and your family. The university is here to help. We offer an array of financial aid programs—including <a href="; target="_blank">scholarships, grants, loans and student employment</a>—as part of our commitment to making an excellent education affordable. Learn more about <a href="; target="_blank">financing your education here</a>. The FAFSA priority deadline is January 1, and the institution code is 002103.</p>

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<b>You want to be part of a talented, diverse and interesting class at the University of Maryland, right? </b>Creating just the kind of class is the goal of the Admissions Committee.<br><br>High school students and students with fewer than 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours of university-level credit beyond secondary school should apply as freshman applicants. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the November 1 early action deadline to receive priority consideration for admission to the university, <a href="" target="_blank">merit-based scholarships</a> and invitations to special programs. Freshman applicants who apply for admission to the fall semester are also automatically considered for admission to the spring semester.
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<p><b>Transfer students play a pivotal role on campus, where they bring unique perspectives from their college studies as well as diverse backgrounds, geographic origins and personal experiences.</b><br><br>High school graduates who have completed at least 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours at a regionally accredited university should apply as transfer applicants.</p>

<p>Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits or placements tests cannot be used toward this requirement. Students in the process of completing 12 college credits are encouraged to email us <b>prior to submitting an application</b> at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, using the subject line <i>12 Credits In-Progress Transfer Applicant</i> for guidance on how to complete their application.<br><br>Be sure to check out our <a href="" target="_blank">Transfer Application Checklist </a>for details on required application documents.</p>
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<b>You can only learn so much about a university from a brochure.</b> Even if we tell you how beautiful our campus is, or how fantastic our students and faculty are, you will not know for yourself until you experience it for yourself from anywhere around the world with our <a href="" target="_blank">virtual tour</a>.
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