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As a non-profit membership organization serving millions of students each year, Common App is uniquely positioned to share data and provide insight into the college admissions process.


Our reports and insights are driven from more than 40 years of experience supporting applicants, recommenders, and admissions professionals. With nearly 900 member colleges and universities serving more than 1 million applicants each year, we are able to devise insight into application trends across the applicant lifecycle and identify potential barriers and opportunities to improve college access.

Core to our mission of access, equity and integrity is a responsibility to move our practice forward by collaborating with like-minded organizations, developing best practices, and sharing the results of our findings.

Common App Data & Insights

Evolving the Application: Removing School Discipline from the Common App

Source: Common App

2019-2020 Common App Impact & Trends

Source: Common App

Third-Party Research & Collaborations

A majority of U.S. colleges admit most students who apply  

Source: Pew Research Center

Nudging at a National Scale: Experimental Evidence from a FAFSA Completion Campaign

Source: EdPolicyWorks - University of Virginia

Mindsets and the Learning Environment: A Big Biodata Approach to Mindsets, Learning Environments, and College Success

Source: Sidney D’Mello (PI), University of Colorado Boulder, Angela Duckworth (Co-PI), University of Pennsylvania 

True Merit: Ensuring Our Brightest Students Have Access to Our Best Colleges and Universities

Source: The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Michelle Obama Effect: How Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Community Events Impact FAFSA Completion

Source: EdPolicyWorks - University of Virginia

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